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While working for one of Australias largest telecommunications carrier as a tester, were were provided a testing methodology that not only outlined testing processes and proceedures, it also provided a rather limited and non-user friendly web based template for collecting test results and diagnosis.

Various aspects of the template did not sit right with the vast majority of testers ranging from residential, corporate, and data. These aspects included (but was not limited to) normal user interface issues such as hotkeys, macros, repetitive data entry for common test and diagnosis points.

This prompted me to develop a tight stand alone application that was portable across all desktop installs including the standard operating environment where the .NET runtime was common. The initial version was put together in a matter of a day or two and refined over a period of time with input from other testers within our center and consultation with those nation wide.

The source for the data version can be found at the following link. The residential version is not current with this version at this time as a plugin architecture is being considered for the different target work streams. The primary development environments were SharpDevelop (a wonderful Win32 focused .NET IDE) and Portable.NET.




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